aPillow Wool Filled V Pillow
    aPillow Wool Filled V Pillow aPillow Wool Filled V Pillow

aPillow Wool Filled V Pillow

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aPillow are passionate about pillows and believe there is aPillow for everyone.  They produce a collection of responsibly sourced and natural pillows that are all made in Great Britain and offer a wide choice of styles and fillings to enable each one of us to find a pillow that is holistically perfect for our body, our lifestyle and our values, helping us to sleep better.

This handcrafted  V Pillow (Orthopedic Pillow), is made using only natural materials - 100% high quality soft cotton and 100% Platinum Grade British wool that has not been bleached or chemically treated.  

The V Pillow provides a wonderful natural support when sitting up in bed and offers the maximum in breathability to allow the body to regulate it's own temperature and not become overheated.  Being 100% natural It is also the perfect pregnancy and nursing pillow.

Each pillow is fitted with a discreet zip that allows access to the soft combed wool inside. You can fluff up the wool or take it out to refresh in the sunshine. 

Being purely natural these pillows are washable but extra care needs to be taken if washed as a whole. It is advisable to take out the wool and wash the outer casing separately. If you need a pillow that requires regular machine washing, we would recommend our folding pillow range.


Size: 35cm x 72cm x 72cm




• Handcrafted in England

• Natural - British Platinum Wool - cleaned and needled in England without the use of bleach or chemicals

• 100% Soft High Quality Cotton Casing

• Resists dust mite - ideal for those with allergies or asthma

• Zip allows access to the wool to adjust or clean

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