Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set
    Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set

Little Lana Toddler Wool Duvet and Folding Pillow Set

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Little Lana 

British Wool Filled Toddler Wool Duvet 120cm x 150cm and Toddler 2 Fold Pillow 60cm x 40cm

When the time is right for your child to move into a larger bed, you often need to think about both a duvet and a pillow and this combined set offers a saving when purchasing a Junior/Toddler size wool duvet and the Junior/Toddler Original wool pillow together.

When your child reaches an age where you feel a pillow is needed, it is important to ensure that the pillow chosen is natural and does not have too much height.  The 2 Fold, Patented Folding pillow is of a low height and we recommend this height for children so that pressure is not placed onto their neck and spine.

Both the pillow and duvet are handcrafted by Devon Duvets in England using 100% British platinum grade wool.  The wool is cleaned in British mills to Devon Duvets own specificaitons to meet the high quality required for their products - they do not use bleaches or chemicals, retaining the naturalness of the wool and leaving it beautifully soft and airy.  The cotton casing used for both the pillow and duvet is a lovely 260 thread count cotton woven especially for Devon Duvets.

Natural wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant making it a wonderful material to suppport your child's delicate and developing breathing organs. It can also help to reduce the symptoms of asthma or allergies that are often aggravated by dust mites and their droppings.

Wool can also reduce skin allergies and wicks away moisture and breathes helping to maintain a more even sleeping temperature and comfortable sleeping environment.  Wool also gives a peace of mind as it is naturally fire retardant without the use of chemicals.

This Toddler duvet is made using 300 grammes of wool per square metre and this is the maximum we would recommend for young children as their mechanism for temperature control is not fully developed.

Easy to care for:  Duvet - simply refresh by airing and although the wool is unbleached and has no chemical treatments, you can machine wash on a wool setting using a wool detergent, spin out excess water and air dry for a more thorough clean. Pillow - Unfold and air out any moisture build up and when a deeper clean is needed, simply unfold and machine wash on a wool setting, use a wool care detergent, spin out excess water and air dry.

Unfolded, the pillow can also be used as a small travel or lap blanket (See photograph showing the pillow unfolded)


SAFETY ADVICE - We strongly advise that you monitor your child's temperature and not allow your child to become overheated.  Although wool can assist in temperature regulation, parental supervision is always required for young children.  Health professionals recommend maintaining a regular room temperature of 16°C to18°C and that a thermometer is kept in your child's room to monitor the room temperature. Duvets are only suitable from 12 months upwards and Pillows are not recommended for children under 2 years.


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