Opinel Round Ended Safety Knife

Opinel Round Ended Safety Knife

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Brand: Opinel
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Introducing the No. 7 Round Ended Safety Knife brought to you by Opinel!

The fantastically engineered Opinel No.7 Round Ended Safety Knife features a very useful design which helps minimise the chance of an accident to a person or an inflatable kayak etc while maintaining the functionality of the knife's cutting edge.

The Safety Knife is beautifully designed. It is hard to be disappointed with the 8-cm round-ended stainless steel blade, held in place by a gorgeous varnished beech handle, supplied in a blister pack.

This Opinel knife features the Virobloc safety ring so you can lock the knife open and you can lock the knife closed.

Once more, because this great Safety Knife is designed and made by Opinel, you know you are buying a reliable product which you can trust.


•                        8-cm round-ended stainless steel safety blade

•                        Varnished beech handle

•                        Safety ring

•                        Virobloc locking blade

                        Supplied in blister pack

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