Cotton Synthetic Filled Duvet 4.5 Tog by Nature & Discovery

Cotton Synthetic Filled Duvet 4.5 Tog by Nature & Discovery

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Brand: Nature and Discovery
Product Code: ND301
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Lovely lightweight duvet - perfect for the summer months

Luxury Handmade Duvet 


  • Lightweight 4.5 Tog 

  • Quality environmentally friendly, sustainable synthetic filling 

  • Filling light and soft feeling close to natural 

  • Soft 230 thread count cotton casing 

  • Perfect alternative for allergy sufferers and other family members 

  • Non animal based materials

  • British made 

  • Breathable and wicks away moisture 

  • Easy to care for: machine washable and tumble dryable 

This luxurious duvet is handmade in Great Britain using high quality materials.

At times due to allergies or other factors, it is necessary to look for a responsible synthetic filled bedding sleep solution and this duvet provides just that, yet at the same time offers the luxury of soft 230 thread count pure cotton as a casing with all the quality that an individually made product brings. This duvet is therefore longer lasting and does not need to be renewed every year.

An alternative for those who don't want to use animal based materials, this patented synthetic fibre is hypoallergenic and is environmentally responsible. It is processed in the UK to our own specifications to create a uniquely constructed filling that is light and soft, wicking moisture away from the body through the breathable high quality cotton casing, keeping the sleeping environment dry and comfortable and feels as close to a natural filling as you will find.

Easy to care for, machine washable to 40c and tumble dryable on a low setting. 



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