aPillow - Folding Goose Feather and Down Pillow
    aPillow - Folding Goose Feather and Down Pillow aPillow - Folding Goose Feather and Down Pillow

aPillow - Folding Goose Feather and Down Pillow

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APillow are passionate about pillows and believe there is APillow for everyone.  They produce a collection of responsibly sourced and natural pillows that are all made in Great Britain and offer a wide choice of styles and fillings to enable each one of us to find a pillow that is holistically perfect for our body, lifestyle and values, helping us to sleep better.

These beautiful yet practical pillows are individually made in England using responsibly sourced European Goose Feathers and Down and an exceptionally soft 100% cotton casing.

APillow really care about what is inside their pillows and ensure that only Spanish Pyrenean Goose Feathers and Down are used that are a real product from the food chain.  Only virgin feathers and down and used and cleaned to a very high hygienic level to ensure compliance with British Standard BSEN12935/2001.  The balance of feather 85% and down 15% is just right to provide a lovely softness and insulation from the very soft down and a shield against moisture build up from the soft feathers.

This Folding Pillow pillow concept was developed to enable the pillow to be aired easily when unfolded in its thinnest form and quickly washed and dried. The main benefit of this is that moisture and bacteria that build up from the nose and mouth can be aired out or washed out regularly making this an extremely hygienic pillow choice. This is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from symptoms of asthma and allergies. 

The uniqueness of this Folding Pillow is patented and there are 3 thicknesses of pillow available (2 Soft/Low, 3 Medium and 4 Firm/Higher). 

When using as a pillow, it is folded into the cotton pocket and appears to be nothing more than a pillow fitting a standard sized pillowcase. However it can be unfolded to use as a small lap blanket or taken on holiday, lining a suitcase to save space. It can also be rolled before folding away in the pocket to provide a neck support that helps to keep the spine in the right position for sleeping. 

Easy to care for, unfold and hang to air out moisture build up regularly and when necessary unfold and machine wash to 40c and tumble dry on a low setting.  When drying, we recommend that you use 2 tennis balls in the tumble dryer to separate the filling so that it doesn't clump together.  When folding the pillow back, flatten down each panel, fold into the pocket and then plump back up.

Choose from Pillow Sizes:   

3 Fold - Folded 75cm x 50cm.  Unfolded: 75cm x 145cm

4 Fold - Folded 75cm x 50cm.  Unfolded: 75cm x 190cm

All sizes of pillow will fit into a standard sized pillowcase.



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